What We Buy

We pay cash for virtually all types of scrap metals. Here are some examples of some things we purchase regularly at the scrapyard:

  • Aluminum:  Pots, pans, window frames, screen doors, siding, barbecues/grills, car rims, automotive radiators and condensers, cans.
  • Batteries: Lead acid batteries, scrap batteries, steel cased batteries.
  • Brass: Plumbing valves & fittings, hardware, screens, lamps, automotive heater cores & radiators.
  • Cars and Trucks: Please see our policies page for our requirements for taking vehicles.
  • Computers and Parts: Old computers, circuit boards, electronic parts (not monitors).
  • Copper: Pipes, roofing flashing, pots & pans, leaders & gutters, stripped wire, burnt wire.
  • Electric Motors: All types of small motors
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Parts: chillers, rooftop air conditioner units, industrial and commercial air conditioner units, cooling towers, and HVAC equipment.
  • Insulated Wire & Cable: Any insulated wire or cable containing copper or aluminum.
  • Lead: Piping, recovered shot
  • Stainless Steel: Pots & pans, laboratory equipment, nuts & bolts, hubcaps.
  • Pallets: 40″ x 48″ 4-way pallets. Currently paying $2/each. More information on the Pallets page.

See also What we won't buy.