There is a vacancy currently for a Roll Off driver at Always Buying Scrap. 

Job description - Driver

  • Drivers are required to wear steel toe boots and pants at all times, and are required to wear a hard hat while on company premises or as required by location.
  • Drivers are responsible for obtaining rain gear, cold weather gear, and any garments necessary to perform the job with the exception of safety gear.
  • Drivers are required to wear company issued two way radio, and be responsible for keeping it on their person, keeping it charged, and keeping it safe from damage.
  • Punctuality and reliability of attendance is required.
  • Prospective driver is required to pass a pre-employment drug screening and a random drug screening thereafter if hired.
  • Driver is required to have a clean, Class A, or Class B license as required for the vehicle that they are driving.
  • Drivers are required to be able to pass a D.O.T. physical.
  • Drivers are required to learn the use of electronic logging device and use as necessary as required by law.
  • Drivers are required to operate their vehicle in a safe manner, holding life and property in the highest regard. The use of cell phones other than by blue tooth, is prohibited.
  • Drivers will not be asked to speed or be reckless, however, drivers are not to have unauthorized stops and are expected to stay on task as to avoid the need to rush.
  • Drivers are responsible for checking all the pertinent fluids, ie: oil, anti-freeze, hydraulic oil, before starting vehicle and are expected to report leaks to management. A visual safety
  • inspection and tire inspection is to be performed prior to starting vehicle, and deficiencies reported to management. Vehicles are to be warmed up for 5 minutes prior to use.
  • Drivers are responsible for recording the numbers of any roll-off containers that they deliver and pick-up and its location.
  • Drivers are expected to tarp and secure all loads as necessary for safety and required by law.

 If you are interested in applying for this job, please call us at (877) 727 - 2730 prior to completing the application form and state which job or jobs you are applying for.

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