Job description - Crane Operator

  • Punctuality and reliability are expected.
  • Operators are expected to wear steel toe boots, pants, and hard hat the entire time that they are on company premises.
  • Crane operator is responsible for obtaining rain gear, cold weather gear, and any garments necessary to perform the job with the exception of safety gear.
  • Crane operators are required to wear company issued two way radio, and be responsible for keeping it on their person, keeping it charged, and keeping it safe from damage.
  • Operators are to check all fluids on machine every morning prior to starting, fill as necessary, and report any leaks to management. Operators are to check overall condition of machine visually and report any deficiencies to management.
  • Operator is responsible for cleanliness of machine.
  • Cab is to be kept free of debris, is to be kept broom swept daily, windows are to be kept clean.
  • Any daily greasing required or daily adjustments required are the responsibility of the operator.
  • The machine is to be warmed up for 5 minutes prior to use.
  • Safe operation of the equipment is expected.
  • Operator must maintain situational awareness and protect the safety of others and their property to include any vehicles being loaded or unloaded.
  • Operator is expected to segregate and collect any material that is an upgrade from material being moved or loaded, this includes getting off of the machine to do so if necessary, and or asking for help from co-workers.
  • Crane operator is to keep a watchful eye on customers for tramp material. Call management is necessary.
  • Operators are expected to pack down roll-off containers used for yard inventory as necessary and at the end of each day.

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