Job description - Scale station laborer

  • Punctuality and attendance reliability are expected.
  • Scale persons are required to wear steel toe boots, pants, and hard hat the entire time that they are on company premises.
  • Scale persons are required to wear company issued two way radio, and be responsible for keeping it on their person, keeping it charged, and keeping it safe from damage.
  • Scale person is responsible for obtaining rain gear, cold weather gear, and any garments necessary to perform the job with the exception of safety gear.
  • Scale person is responsible for ascertaining the material being purchased and to purchase correctly. If any doubt exists, purchase is to favor the company.
  • Scale person is to collect and record all pertinent information as required by law, and is responsible for knowing the law.
  • Scale person is responsible for putting away sale ready material, and for putting material that is in need for processing, in the proper location.
  • When not purchasing material, scale person is expected to process material and or load material for sale.
  • Scale person is responsible for keeping the scale area clean and swept.


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