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The_yard_front_view Our Story at Always Buying Scrap

The yard front viewMeeting us for the first time seems to beg the question, “How did you wind up here?” So this is our story:

In the mid 1980’s Dave worked as a truck driver for an industrial scrap metal firm, where he learned the business. He eventually moved on to another job, but after a while wanted a better life for his growing family and was overcome with the desire to be self-employed.

In  1987, with far more passion than pocketbook, Fran & Dave started their business with $50 cash and a 1969 Chevy pick-up truck that Dave built out of parts from several other trucks. He began buying batteries from gas stations and car dealerships and sold them at a profit to a local scrap yard. Eventually, by constantly re-investing the profits, they went on to buying industrial scrap from machine shops and factories by day, and dismantling machinery and removing boilers by night.

While selling to different scrap yards Dave noticed that some of them needed a lot of improvement in customer service and attitude. Thinking he could do a better job at serving customers, Dave and three other partners purchased a scrap yard on Long Island in 2002. After a few years of hard work and implementing some innovative ideas, the four were able to turn a sleepy little yard, into one of Long Island’s busiest retail yards.

In 2009, the property was lost, along with others in the area, to eminent domain, for use in a public works project. In December of that year Dave and his wife Fran moved to Durham, N.C. to start anew. They bought a scrap yard that could best be described as “derelict”, and as partners, they committed to building a viable business.

You can read more about our philosophy at About Us.

-Fran & Dave Rush

then1 Our Story at Always Buying Scrap

Always Buying ScrapScrapyard in the mid-sixties is the premiere and oldest scrapyard and scrap metal recycling facility in Durham. As a family-owned business, we serve contractors, towing companies, sanitation companies, industrial and commercial accounts, environmental contractors, auto wreckers, demolition contractors, homeowners and anyone with scrap metal to sell.  The picture was taken approximately in the mid-sixties when it was operated by its original owners as the Sid Rancer Company.

Our Philosophy

Being a first generation business, we have never felt a sense of entitlement, and therefore have always worked very hard in the area of customer service. It’s been our belief that visiting a scrap metal yard should be an experience on par with that of visiting any other type of retail establishment.

At Always Buying Scrap, the yard is always clean, the staff is always helpful and polite, and our customers are always treated fairly and with respect. We have always re-invested in the business so that we could have modern equipment to better service both our customers and those that we supply. The customers and employees of Always Buying Scrap are vital to our success and are treated accordingly. We are proud to have very little employee turnover and a very high repeat business rate.  Our business is built on the belief that “what goes around comes around.”

You can read more about us, and the history of the yard at Our Story.

-Fran & Dave Rush