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You’ve heard the expression: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” That’s certainly true in the scrap metal recycling business, and we work with nonprofit organizations every month to help them reap the rewards. If your nonprofit is looking for a creative way to raise funds and contribute to the environmental health of your community, recycling scrap metal could be an answer.

While most people are familiar with receiving cash for aluminum cans, you may not know that Always Buying Scrap will pay for all kinds of usable or unusable metal items such as old refrigerators, air conditioners, microwaves, bicycles, washing machines, lawn mowers, stoves, aluminum gutters, metal pipe, wiring, fencing, siding, tools, barrels, and even pots and pans. For some of the more unusual items people have brought in, take a look at our Odd Items section that includes everything from underwater lamps to an English double decker bus.

Recycling junk vehicles, regardless of condition, can be a particularly lucrative way to earn cash for your cause. You’ll be paid on the spot based on the weight of the car, van, truck, or SUV (Link). Your nonprofit needs to have the relevant paperwork in hand for us to be able to accept a vehicle from you. You can read about what you’ll need here on our site, or check with us beforehand. You can bring the vehicle to us, or we can pick it up.

It would be helpful before coming to the yard to sort the items by type of metal, but we can help you sort it when you arrive if you’re not sure. Some containers may also need to be emptied, first. If you have any questions, please look at our FAQs, or call us.

Scrap metal fundraising can take many forms. For example, we offer roll off service that can be placed at your location where individuals can drop off donations. When full, we’ll pick it up. Contributors can deliver items directly to the scrap metal yard or have them picked up based on size and location. A fundraising event can be organized for a specific period and/or contributors can bring items directly to us for recycling and give you the cash paid out to them.

Recycling scrap metal is a win-win for your nonprofit and the community. Metal items that would be dumped at landfills or elsewhere will be recycled or repurposed; while at the same time, your organization can raise funds in a unique and recognizable way. Reach out to us and talk to us about developing a partnership that benefits everyone concerned.



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