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If your facility is still hauling metal waste to a landfill, perhaps it’s time to consider working with Always Buying Scrap, which can manage the whole process and pay you at the same time. That’s right. Now you can turn an expense into a new revenue stream.

Thousands of manufacturers, industrial processors, maintenance facilities, machine shops, foundries, wholesale distributors, and utilities have already learned how easy and profitable this transition can be.

 According to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (link to, 75 million metric tons of metal waste are recycled every year in the United States, saving energy, protecting ecosystems, creating jobs, lowering consumer retail prices, and supporting America’s industrial base. On an individual basis, companies that were formerly paying $50+/metric ton to dump metal waste in landfills can now be paid for it by us at competitive current market prices.

Making the process virtually effortless, we offer a full package of services starting with an assessment of your waste metal stream, followed by designing a program that meets your company’s needs.  Based on this plan, we will supply onsite roll-off containers where waste can be collected and stored, followed by regularly scheduled pick-ups. After weighing the metal on a certified scale, we promptly pay your company by weight and metal type.

Always Buying Scrap buys aluminum, iron, steel, copper, bronze, brass, and stainless steel found in items such as obsolete equipment, junk vehicles, broken tools, turnings, cuttings, castings, cut-offs, wire, cable, and printing plates. After inspection, we safely decommission and process the metal for recycling.

What happens to this resource? 60 percent of raw steel produced in the United States comes from ferrous waste (iron and steel) processed by the metal recycling industry. In addition, the United States exports ferrous scrap to more than 75 countries worldwide. As new products containing recycled metal waste become obsolete over time, they too are recycled; and the process repeats.

Scrap metal recycling offers a rare opportunity for both industry and the general public. Waste producers can create new revenue streams without additional effort or expense. Retail prices of metal-related consumer goods, the expansion of landfills, and damage to the environment are constrained. Scrap metal recycling is definitely a win-win for everyone.

If you have a facility generating metal waste, get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.




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