Scrapyard recycling vehiclesThe scrap industry has long been responsible for helping to keep the environment clean. Our industry has turned unwanted vehicles, appliances, ships, demolition debris, old machinery, and more from cast offs into commodities.

What would have been an eyesore littering the environment has been turned into raw material for new products. In some years, our industry has contributed as much as 10% to our gross domestic product through scrap exports. We’ve added countless high-paying jobs to the economy and saved an abundance of natural resources through energy savings and providing a viable alternative to mining. It takes 70% less energy to make metal from metal than it does to make it from ore. One ton of scrap steel makes one ton of new steel. The same ton of steel would require digging up forty tons of earth that contains iron ore.


Our industry has been an economic stimulus package to the greater economy through purchases of equipment, fuel, office supplies, repairs, and other items and services. We’ve helped countless people through repurposing items that are re-used by mechanics, contractors, welders, and artists. We’ve donated countless vehicles to fire departments for training.

As business owners, we've donated much to worthy causes. More often than not, we’ve been quiet philanthropists. At the risk of blowing our own horn too loudly, we’re proud of the hard working men and women in our industry.

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