metals theftBecause scrap metal is easily converted to cash, unfortunately it’s a target for theft. Although stolen material represents about one percent or less of all purchases, it’s still a serious problem.

Through collaboration with the scrap metal industry, North Carolina has enacted state saws to help curtail the problem. These laws help to easily identify thieves of scrap metal and prosecute them.

Here are measures we take to ensure that stolen materials don't end up at our yard:


  • We always record the license plate number of the vehicle of anyone who sells us scrap. We won’t buy scrap unless the customer is in a vehicle with a license plate.
  • All people who sell us scrap will have their driver’s license or identification card scanned and will provide us with an electronic fingerprint.
  • All transactions are recorded on digital video and still shots are taken of all scrap that we buy.
  • Records of all transactions are downloaded weekly to the sheriff’s department.
  • Before we purchase any scrap vehicle, we check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) with the North Carolina D.M.V. to see if it’s been reported stolen.
  • After purchasing junk vehicles, we download the VIN to MVTIS within 72 hours so that it’s public knowledge who bought the vehicle and when.
  • We only buy air conditioner coils from air conditioner contractors and demolition companies.
  • We belong to the Recyclers Association of North Carolina and we post and receive B.O.L.O.s (Be On Lookout For) via e mail.
  • We apply common sense to all purchases and we fully cooperate with law enforcement.

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