Business NC adAlways Buying Scrap has begun a six-month long campaign to raise its visibility with businesses both locally and across the state. It wants to build partnerships and provide solutions to businesses that generate metal and other waste and convert that from a problem into a profit center for them.  The ad campaign in Business North Carolina shows one of its roll off container trucks. Some companies have the capacity to store their scrap and waste metal on site for a period and then discard it. Rather than sending waste and scrap metal to the landfill, Always Buying Scrap would collect it and offer top dollar for the value of the metal. 

Always Buying Scrap can work with companies to schedule a roll off container, or for companies that generate a lot of scrap metal, such as construction and demolition companies, it can leave a container on site and swap it out when it is full. 

Always Buying Scrap deals mainly with companies in the RTRP, but it has customers further afield as well, where volumes and other factors make it cost effective.  If you are a company looking for a waste or scrap metal collection service that could turn that waste into dollars, contact us.


Business North Carolina has a circulation of around 26 thousand per edition and a readership of more than a hundred thousand, so Always Buying Scrap is hoping that among those readers there are companies who will look into the solutions Always Buying Scrap provides.

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