Last journey for an old bus

One unusual item belonging to Always Buying Scrap is a 1953 AEC (Associated Equipment Company) RT3 double decker bus.  We acquired the bus from a gentleman who was moving to Panama . He said that if we paid to tow it to Durham from Wake Forest, we could have it.  The bus has come full circle in a way. It had been around Durham for quite some time as a shuttle bus for The Academy of Math and Science, until they deemed it unsafe because it had no door at the foot of the stairway to the upper level. The bus sat for a while somewhere on Geer Street when it apparently made it into the hands of The Flying Circus British Cars on Pettigrew Street.

It was then sold to Harry Feather and taken into storage in Wake Forest. It’s now back in Durham directly across the tracks from The Flying Circus. With all the years resting heavily on the bus, it has probably made its final journey.

AEC 1953 Double Decker Bus

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