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Smash-Bash-2014-IMG_5287-Version-2 LatestAlways Buying Scrap helped the girls of Zeta Tau Alpha raise money for breast cancer awareness by donating a 1956 Chrysler Windsor for use in their 2014 Smash Bash.  Take a look at the gallery for more images from the event.





 Always Buying Scrap has participated in America's Night Out in both 2013 and 2014.  America's Night Out, also known as NNO (Nation's Night Out) occurs annually on the first Tuesday of August to raise awareness of and support anticrime efforts.

It also seeks to strengthen the partnership between police and community. 

More information can be found at

2013Always Buying Scrap donated a car to the Duke Zeta Tau Alpha sorority to help them raise money for breast cancer awareness.  The “Smash Bash” event was held in October at the Main Quad Duke Campus.

Take a look at the gallery for more from the event.






In the March Madness 2013 giveaway, Rochelle Murchison won the grand prize.  This month the prize was a battery-powerd Sawzall. Congratulations! 

You can see more of the winners by clicking through from the read more button below.

CH Fire DeptAlways Buying Scrap generously provides the Chapel Hill Fire Department with materials and resources used to support and develop lifesaving rescue capabilities. Their willingness to partner with emergency service providers enhances the safety of local communities and reduces budgetary strain on the fire department.” – Chief Dan Jones, Chapel Hill Fire Department


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