Policies and Regulations

It is the policy of Always Buying Scrap, Inc. to assist our customers courteously. You can always rely on our friendly personnel and professional equipment to assist you in accordance with the following policies:

  • We will always assist the customer in unloading their vehicles at the junkyard.
  • We round up and down from fifty cents.
  • The customer must assume any and all risks of damage to their vehicle.
  • We do not accept any drum or tank that does not have a hole cut in it to allow us to visually verify it is empty.
  • We will refuse anything containing liquids of any kind.
  • We don’t accept Mercury, or any radioactive material.
  • We will not buy any catalytic converters, unless attached to a vehicle.
  • We will not buy any shopping carts.
  • We will not buy any cemetery markers, urns, or vases.
  • We will not buy any government property such as, but not limited to, man hole covers and street signs.
  • We will not buy any railroad steel unless sold by the railroad or its authorized contractors.
  • We will not buy any utility company scrap such as, but not limited to, cable unless sold by the utility or it’s authorized contractors.
  • We will deduct by weight for truck and large machinery tires.

Please adhere to these policies when visiting the scrapyard at Always Buying Scrap.  You can watch our videos to understand how to prepare for a visit.  We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about your privacy, our services, or policies.




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