North Carolina law prescribes what we may and may not purchase.  The following are items which have specific laws pertaining to them:

  • We will not purchase any air conditioning coils that are not attached to an air conditioning unit – unless you are normally engaged in the business of replacing air conditioning coils.  In order for us to purchase your a/c coils, we will require a business card or letterhead to staple to our invoice, proving that you are in this type of business, and we will pay for a/c coils by check only.
  • A title must be presented to Always Buying Scrap, Inc. for any vehicle that is ten years old or newer. The title must be free of any liens, or must be accompanied by a satisfaction of lien letter (notarized), and signed by the owner (notarized) listed on the title as seller, naming Always Buying Scrap, Inc. as the buyer.
  • A government issued Identification with a picture and an address must be presented to Always Buying Scrap, Inc. for each transaction, unless a copy is already on file.

Please adhere to these policies when visiting Always Buying Scrap.  You can watch our videos to understand how to prepare for a visit.  We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about your privacy, our services, or policies.

If you would like to read the North Carolina law governing our policies, it is on the NC General Assembly website.  The link will open a PDF.





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