What to do when you get here:

Coming up Kate Street , you’ll see the main yard on the left. Go into the second gate on your left . You’ll see the “ENTER” sign.


Pull up to the “STOP” sign.

Stop Sign

Someone on our staff will approach you and ask what you have, and they’ll look at your material.

If you have a small amount of material, or have non–ferrous material, you’ll be directed to your left to the line for the non-ferrous scale house, also known as the “small scale “.


If you have a lot of material, you’ll be directed straight ahead onto the inbound truck scale.


Once on the scale, wait until directed off the scale, either in person, or over the loudspeaker.  You will already, by now, have been told where to unload your material, or you can ask any yard person for help. They’ll be easy to find. Look for the uniform and hard hat. Different types of material are unloaded in their respective areas.

Unload your material

Once you’ve unloaded your material , pull onto the outbound truck scale. You’ll then be directed off of the scale, in person, or over the loudspeaker. The difference between the inbound and outbound scales provides us with the weight of the material.


If you have no more material, please pull out of the gate and to the right side of the street.

If you do have more material, your out weight will become your new starting weight for the next item, and you’ll be directed to the right spot to unload that material, or, you will be asked to go out of the gate, back through the entrance gate to make a left to get in line for the non–ferrous scale house.

Once you have finished unloading and selling scrap

Go back to the non–ferrous scale house and you’ll be given an itemized ticket with a barcode.  The picture below is the ticket being generated in the non-ferrous scale house.

bar code ticket

If this is your first visit and you are not already in our computer database, we’ll ask for your ID, as is required by North Carolina Law, and we will scan it into the system.  We’ll take an electronic index finger print. Once in our system, you won’t be required to present ID again until your ID has expired and we’ll update the system.

Take your bar-coded ticket and go to the pay window directly across from the non–ferrous scale house.

Scan the barcode on your ticket.

Scan your barcoded ticket

Sign the screen with the stylus.

Sign the screen with the stylus

Money will dispense from the cash dispenser under the counter.

Money Dispenser

Take Your Money

The yard runs counter clockwise to allow egress into the proper lane (right lane ) when finished.

Yard Flow Route

Don’t worry, if any of this sounds confusing, we’ll be happy to help you throughout the entire process.

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