We provide pickup service to factories, warehouses, welding and fabrication shops, defense contractors and machine shops, automotive rebuilders, truck and heavy equipment repair shops, railroads, plumbing, electrical, HVAC contractors and supply houses, municipalities, and more. 

We buy skeleton steel that is left over after the stamping process, and busheling (punchings).

We purchase leftover structural steel and hardware from the construction of large buildings.

We buy product returns, damaged production runs, and unsold discontinued product that may be clogging up your warehouse. We’re always in the market for cut offs and machine shop turnings which are generated by the machining process. These can be steel, aluminum, brass, aluminum bronze, stainless steel, titanium, etc.

Doing a rigging job?  We buy boilers, cooling towers and air conditioning units.

If you’re reconfiguring your factory and need to dispose of pallet racking, shelving, partitions, or office furniture, whether you need one-time service for a special project or need a pick up on a regular basis, we’re the people to call. If you’re upgrading machinery or laboratory equipment and need the old stuff hauled off, that’s right up our alley also. 

We provide roll off service with containers to fit your needs.

Roll off service for your shop or workplace


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