Still paying taxes and insurance on that old clunker that doesn’t run? Is that old junker an eyesore? If you have a junk car that is no longer wanted, Always Buying Scrap will buy it from you.

Tidy up your yard or garage
Maximize your ROI on a vehicle that has lost value
Arrange convenient, stress-free pick-up on your schedule
Get cash on the spot for your junk car
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Selling your scrap vehicle should be hassle-free

Lost keys? No problem. No title? We don’t need it for vehicles ten years or older. We will recycle your car and handle all the paperwork for you. We buy vehicles from fleets, individuals, tow company storage yards, homeowners, apartment complex managers, repair shops, etc. As a family-owned business, nothing is more important than our reputation. We check you in quickly, weigh your vehicle,
and get you paid right away.

We’re conveniently located minutes from downtown Durham, right off the 147 freeway. If you have a junk car, call 919-251-9497 or contact us for a custom quote.


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Get Top-Dollar for Your Unwanted Car

Regardless of your vehicle’s condition, our competitive rates can turn any car in any
condition into cash on the spot.

How much can you get for your junk car?



Check out our prices and call us for a custom quote on your scrap vehicle.

  • 1Cars Complete: $8.25/100lbs
    (Must have catalytic convertor, rims, and battery)
  • 2Cars Complete less Catalytic Convertor: $7.00/100lbs
    (Must have rims and battery)
  • 3Cars Incomplete: $6.45/100lbs
    (Does not need to have catalytic convertor, rims, or battery)
  • 4Big Trucks: $8.25/100lbs
    (Any truck that weighs over 10,000 pounds)