Scrap Metal Recycling That’s Fast, Simple, & Fair

We purchase everything from scrap appliances to cars and trucks and everything in between – we’ll even buy your kitchen sink! Your scrap recycling experience should be quick, easy, and fair. Our courteous staff will work with you to weigh your material on certified scales in our clean, fully paved yard while making sure you know that we value your time and business.

What We Buy





Air Conditioning Units

Motors, Transformers & Ballasts

Stainless Steel

Heavy Machinery

Steel & Light Iron

Auto Parts

Wire & Cable

Misc. Metals

Cars & Trucks


See our extensive list of items that we will buy and items that we won’t buy.

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Recycling with ABS is fast & professional, and it puts money in your pocket. Quote Mark

An Eco-Friendly Solution for Scrap Metal

We believe that every customer is a priority, no matter how big or small, and we have the equipment to handle any amount of scrap. Recycling can put money in your pocket while keeping recyclable metals out of landfills, whether it’s a large-scale project or just a garage clean-out.

We know that you have options. The company that you choose to recycle with can make all the difference. Our unmatched, end-to-end service and competitive pricing keep our customers coming back. We’re confident that your experience with us will be a pleasant one.

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How Does Scrap Metal Recycling Work?

Whether you want a fair price for your copper or brass, or you’re seeking to recycle cars, pallets, or more, Always Buying Scrap makes it easy.

Here’s how it works when you drop off:

  • 1Arrive at Always Buying Scrap
  • 2A member of our friendly staff will greet you
  • 3Our staff will direct you to the appropriate scale based on the types of material you have
  • 4You will receive advice on separating and unloading your materials on one or more of our scales
  • 5Collect your receipt and take it to our cash dispenser to get paid
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Restrictions & Regulations for Scrap Metal Buying & Recycling

Tanks of any kind must be empty,
de-valved, and open.

Oil and Water Tanks must be dry and have a 2×2’ hole cut in them.

Tires must be removed from steel rims.

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What can I NOT recycle?

The following items are not accepted:

Catalytic Convertors that are separated from vehicles

Mercury & Mercury Containing Devices

CRT Tube Monitors



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